Wonderful Bonfire Party Decoration Ideas

If you consider holding an outdoor party, bonfire party will be a good option. Bonfire party is a kind of party that is held outside. You can choose the place based on your desire such as at your backyard, on the sea, on the mountain, or other outdoor places. Even though it is held outside, you still need to pay attention to the party theme. There are many bonfire party ideas that you can try. If you are interested in this party, you can consider the following ideas.

Bonfire Night Party Ideas

Bonfire Tools

If you want your bonfire party runs well, you have to make sure that you prepare complete bonfire tools. A fire will be one of the best bonfire party theme ideas. However, if you want to make bonfire manually, you can consider other bonfire tools such as woods, brick, drum, or other tools you need. It is a must for bonfire party. Therefore, it becomes the most common bonfire party ideas that you need to apply.

Camping Tools

Holding a bonfire party means you have to prepare camping tools. Camping tools can be bonfire party ideas because this party is best held by camping. So, you need to prepare tent, sleeping bags, stove, pan, glasses, and other camping tools you need. The camping tools you prepare should depend on the amount of the people who participate to this bonfire party. Anyway, it will be so merry. Therefore, you can apply these bonfire party decoration ideas.

Beautiful Lanterns

Even though you have bonfire, you still need other lights because it is not a camping event but a party with camping nuance. So, applying lanterns is allowed and even recommended. To add the attractiveness, you have to choose the beautiful lanterns and then apply for your bonfire party. Of course, it will not be very useful but also very beautiful. That is why it belongs to bonfire party ideas that you should try.

Bonfire Party Ideas Birthday


Then, the bonfire party will also be merrier if you and all the participants eat and enjoy popcorns. It will be much more excited if you do anything with popcorns around you. So, you can eat the popcorns anytime you want. For example, someone should sing a song and someone else play a guitar. Then the other participants enjoy the music under the night sky.

Bonfire Night Ideas Food

Bonfire Night Ideas Food

Of course, it will be an unforgettable party. That is why it becomes one of the greatest bonfire party ideas.

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