Sweet Bow Tie Party Ideas

When you are pregnant, you certainly want to celebrate it. It purposes to express your happiness because you are going to give birth. It is common that a woman who is pregnant hold a baby shower party. This party is usually held when the pregnancy is about 7 months. So, this party purposes to welcome the baby who will be given birth. If you are confused to find the best party theme, you can consider bow tie theme. There are many bow tie party ideas that you can apply like the following inspirations.

Bow Tie Centerpiece Ideas

Bow Tie Party Centerpieces

Bow Tie Birthday Party Decorations

Bow Tie Cake Pops

One of the best bow tie party theme ideas is to apply bow tea cake pops. Of course, you make cakes for your baby shower party. You can consider a big cake or cupcakes. Anyway, the cake will be much more interesting with bow tie pops. The bow tie pops can also be applied on other foods such as on the chocolate, meals, ice cream, etc. Considering the attractiveness, it belongs to bow tie party ideas that you need to apply.

Bow Tie Party Food Ideas

Bow Tie Party Food Ideas

Bow Tie Themed Party Food

Bow Tie Themed Party Food


Bow Tie Welcoming Banner

You cannot skip applying a welcoming banner for your party. It will impress the guests so that they feel excited to participate into the bow tie party. Bow tie welcoming banner will be great so that it becomes one of the must-applied bow tie party ideas. You have to apply this banner in front of the building or the place where you hold the baby shower party. With colorful decoration, it can be considered as one of the most recommended bow tie party decoration ideas that you should apply.

Bow Tie Party Banner Ideas

Bow Tie on Dishes

When you serve the guests meals, they will be more impressed if you serve the meals using dish tools with bow tie theme. For example, you can apply bow ties on the plates, glasses, spoons, forks, or other dish tools. You can also add the bow ties on the tables where you serve the meals. Anyway, it becomes one of the most creative bow tie party ideas.

Bow Tie Party Dishes Ideas

Bow Tie Accessories

Party theme decoration will not be completed if you do not apply accessories. For your baby shower party, it will be a nice idea if you apply some bow tie accessories. The accessories can be worn or only applied as the decoration. Anyway, this idea will make the party room much more attractive and impressive.

Mustache And Bow Tie Party Ideas

Bow Tie Party Supplies

Hopefully the bow tie party ideas above can inspire you to find the best theme decoration for your baby shower party.

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