Burlesque Party Theme Decoration Ideas

If you want to hold a precious party, there are many things that you have to plan. One of the most important things is the party theme. Party theme should be chosen as careful as possible so that it can impress all the invited people. There are many options of party theme and burlesque is one of the best ones. If you are interested in burlesque theme, here I will share burlesque party ideas that you need to consider tot apply.

Burlesque Party Decoration Ideas

Prioritize Red Decoration Color

When you want to decorate the party, you have to choose the dominant color. In this party, red should be the dominant color. It becomes one of the most common burlesque party decoration ideas. You can start from the party stage, then other decorations such as table cloth, curtains, etc.

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Burlesque Party Food Ideas

Burlesque Party Food Ideas

Burlesque Party Theme Food

Apply Striptease Show

Burlesque is identical to striptease. So, it is one of the must-applied burlesque party theme ideas. In some countries, striptease is allowed but some other countries do not allow this kind of dance. So, you have to customize it to the culture of the country you live. This striptease show can be the best entertainment for the party. Of course, all people will be excited to enjoy the party. That is why it belongs to one of the best burlesque party ideas.

Add Some Funny Entertainments

Burlesque is not only about striptease but it is also closely related to something funny. Therefore, you need to add some funny entertainments for the burlesque party ideas. For example, comedy show will be great to entertain all the invited people. Besides that, classic magic show will also make the party merrier. To make this party perfectly precious, you can make funny games that require all the guests to participate to the game. It will also make the party really merrier.

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Wear Unique Costumes

Wearing unique costumes also becomes one of the burlesque party ideas that make it precious. In fact, burlesque also relates to something unique. So, not only you, your guests should also wear unique costumes. The more unique the costumes, the merrier it will be. You can also give a gift for the participant who wears the most unique costume. It will make the guests excited to involve the party.

Hopefully those burlesque party ideas above will be a good reference. So, if you need inspirations, you can apply the ideas above.

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