Bling Party Decorations Ideas

New Year is one of the most special moments. It is the end of the year as well as the opening of the next year. Everyone wants to celebrate New Year as special as possible. You do not have always to celebrate it outside with fireworks. Celebrating New Year at home will also be exciting if you hold a party with your friends. What you have to plan is the theme decoration. You have to make sure that it makes the guests excited. Bling will be a good theme. If you are interested in it, you can apply the following bling party ideas.

Bling Party with Sequin Tablecloth

One of the bling party decoration ideas can be related to the tablecloth you apply. In this decoration, sequin tablecloth will be a good idea. Sequin tablecloth will make the room look very glamour. The sparkle makes your party merrier. So, your guests will be well impressed. You can also enjoy the meals with elegant impression. That is why it becomes one of the best bling party ideas.

Bling Party Table Decorations

Bling Party with Glittery Lanterns

Besides that, you also need to pay attention to the lighting for the party. You have to make it look as creative and attractive as possible. In relation to bling party ideas, I suggest you to apply glittery lanterns. This lighting will make the party merrier with disco nuance. You can buy the glittery lanterns or make DIY glittery lanterns by your own. Anyway, it can be considered as one of the bling party theme ideas that you need to try.

Bling Themed Party Decorations

DIY Bling Party Ideas

Bling Cakes Ideas

Bling Cakes Ideas

Bling Party with Sparkle Crown Costumes

The party theme also relates to the costume you wear. By adding some accessories, you and your guests will look much better and more attractive. For example, to make the party more impressing, you can ask all the participants to wear sparkle crowns as their costumes. Silver will be the best color but other colors like gold will also be amazing. Therefore, it belongs to the most beautiful bling party ideas.

Bling Party with Glittery Balloons

New Year party is not only identical to fireworks. If you do not like fireworks, you can replace it with glittery balloons. Compared to the common balloons, they will look much more attractive. So, your New Year party will be more impressive with the bling party ideas above. Hopefully this will inspire you all and have a great New Year celebration.

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