Best Betty Boop Party Ideas

If you want to hold your birthday party, you have to plan the party theme properly. Party theme can attract and impress the guests so that they feel excited during your birthday party. There are many options of party theme that you can try. One of greatest themes is Betty Boop. It is a cartoon animation that is well known in 1930s. If you are interested in it, you can try to apply the following Betty Boop party ideas.

Betty Boop Banner on the Wall

Starts from the wall, you can decorate your wall with Betty Boop party themes. It will be a good idea to paint the wall with Betty Boop theme. However, you need to consider that the wall decoration is only for your birthday party. So, applying banner with Betty Boop theme will be better. You can apply the Betty Boop banner in front of your house, on the wall, etc. Anyway, it belongs to Betty Boop party ideas that you can try.

Betty Boop Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Betty Boop Dishes

Besides that, it can also be one of the best Betty Boop party ideas to apply party dishes tools with Betty Boop themes. For example, Betty Boop cups, glasses, and plates will be very interesting. Even more, you can also consider Betty Boop party cakes. The cakes will be perfect with some candles on or around the cakes. So, your birthday party will be unforgettable.

Cheap Betty Boop Party Decorations

Betty Boop Cakes Ideas

Betty Boop Cakes Ideas

Betty Boop Party Food Ideas

Betty Boop Party Food Ideas

Betty Boop Balloons

What are the most common accessories for birthday party? Everyone will certainly think about balloons. In fact, balloons will make your birthday party merrier and more attractive. Balloons will also be appropriate for anyone’s party with any age. In relation to Betty Boop party ideas, it will be great if you apply balloons with Betty Boop themes.

Betty Boop Party Theme Decorations

Betty Boop Party Theme Decorations With Baloon

Full of Red Colors

Betty Boop theme is identical to red colors. In fact, it relates to various red decorations. So, if you want to apply Betty Boop decorations, you need to prioritize red dominant colors. It will be great if your party decoration is full of red color. You can apply the red colors with various ideas. For example, it is very interesting to apply red wall painting, red table cloth, red curtain, etc.

Hopefully the ideas above can inspire you find the best party themes for your birthday. So, if you are confused to find a party theme for your birthday, you can follow the Betty Boop party ideas above.

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