Avengers Party Ideas for Your Son’s Birthday

When your son has birthday, of course you want to celebrate it. Celebrating son’s birthday does not only invite his friends and eat cakes together but you also need to pay attention to the decoration or theme. Kids usually like super hero. So, you can bring this theme to the party decoration. In this idea, I suggest you to apply Avengers theme decoration. As one of the most popular super hero, of course, your son likes the Avengers. If you are interested in Avengers party ideas, you can consider applying these decorations.

Welcome Your Party Guests with an Avengers Banner

Talking about decoration, you need to pay attention how you welcome your guests. If you hold the party at home, you can apply a banner of the Avengers in front of your house. It can be one of the Avengers party decoration ideas that you need to apply. This banner will welcome your guests so that they will feel excited. If it is possible, you can also make personalized banners. Anyway, it belongs to the best Avengers party ideas.

Avengers Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Apply Paper Cutouts of the Avengers’ Super Heroes

Besides that, you can also apply paper cutouts that relate to the super heroes of the Avengers. For example, you can make paper cutouts of Thor. It will also be a good idea to create paper cutouts of the iconic symbols in the Avengers. For examples are cutouts of hammer, Captain America’s shield, or other Avengers’ iconic symbols. These Avengers party ideas will make the party merrier.

DIY Avengers Birthday Party Ideas

Wear the Avenger’s Costumes

Then, it will be more exciting if you require all the guests to wear the costumes that relate to the Avengers. There are many superheroes from the Avengers and they can inspire you. This dress code can be one of the Avengers party theme ideas that you should consider. Different people may wear the same costumes so that they are allowed to wear the costumes based on their own favorite super heroes. Anyway, it belongs to the greatest Avengers party ideas.

Show the Avengers Displays

If you have posters, statues, dolls, or other accessories related to the Avengers, you can use them as the displays that you can show in the party. Of course this will be a great display and all the guests will be amazed.

Avengers Age Of Ultron Party Ideas

Avengers Party Ideas Food

Avengers Party Ideas Food

Hopefully you can be inspired by the Avengers party ideas above to apply the decoration for your son’s birthday.

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